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Did you know?

  • The majority of “financial advisors” aren’t required to be fiduciaries (meaning legally required to put your best interests over their own)
  • Out of that small minority of fiduciary advisors, most of those require you to move your accounts to allow that advisor to manage your money, and they often have asset minimums before they will even take you on as a client
  • Most of those advisors charge based on AUM (Assets Under Management) where they take a % of your assets as their fee (generally 0.75-1.5%) and their main focus is strictly investment management, not comprehensive planning
  • Even when you find the comprehensive fiduciary advisor who doesn’t charge based on a % of assets, the flat fee is typically $6,000-$10,000 a year.
  • In many cases, even those comprehensive fiduciary advisors don’t handle the common everyday struggles of paying down debt, creating a realistic spending plan, improving your credit scores, or focusing on the relationship you have with money so that long lasting habits are created

The Financial Industry Needs a Serious Overhaul of These Outdated Practices!

There is a better way for “everyday people” to get the financial guidance they deserve!

  • I feel that the majority of people (especially in their 20s, 30s, and 40s) would benefit more from someone who is equal parts a financial planner, a financial coach, and a financial counselor.
  • I think everyone deserves expert advice, regardless of how much your net worth is, without all the sales tactics and hidden fees
  • I believe that the majority of people can become successful DIY investors, especially with the occasional check in with a financial planner.
  • And I think all of this is possible without costing you the higher fees that larger net worth individuals pay for advice.
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Hi, I’m

Adam Coleman financial planner financial coach financial advisor
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Why I want to help

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My Planning Philosophy

What ultimately matters most is that I am helping you achieve whatever goals you have set out, but I think it’s important to eliminate as many potential conflicts of interest as possible

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Putting Your Financial Well-Being Above

Everything Else.

Your Best Interests Always Come First

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Tech-Enabled Human-Driven

Everyone, not just the wealthy, should have access to professional advice and the tools that come with it.

RightCapital is one of the top financial planning software available, and typically only available to consumers working with an ongoing financial advisor.

Everyone who completes an hourly planning session gets free ongoing access, which will also make future hourly sessions more productive and efficient.

Track your net worth, budget, transactions, asset allocations, retirement probability, savings rates, financial goals, and much more.

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Right Capital financial planning software that creates financial plans for retirement planning, insurance, college savings, estate planning, monte carlo simulations, and much more
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One simple price with no hidden fees or ulterior motives

Hourly Planning


Financial planning and investment advice without any of the long term commitments and ongoing fees.

  • Get your questions answered
  • Advice tailored to your situation
  • No commissions
  • No products
  • No sales pitch
  • No recurring fees
  • Ongoing access to RightCapital
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